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Our Services

Our Selling Process & Services

When presenting a property, the key is knowing your audience and having in depth knowledge of the area and the property. Sharing valuable information about the area and what makes your address attractive is what matters for Buyers. Of course presentation is the crucial element that has the biggest impact on your potential sale price. We work with a great photographer to provide professionally edited photos, videos and virtual tours.

High Ranking Websites: SEO is most important these days. In fact, most websites won’t benefit from being ranked outside of the first three pages. The first page gets 90% of all the visits derived from online searches. Our websites that will post your property feature on the first page of Bing!, Google, and Yahoo! under relevant search terms and your property would be features on at least 7 websites that we consider the most effective for good visibility (Centris, Zumper, Marketplace, Point2homes, remax, Belvedere York, Kijiji.ca etc. ).

Social Media Marketing: Paid marketing on Facebook and regular instagram posts. This is where the majority of inquiries can be generated as nowadays everyone is connected and it is the most effective platform to advertise and focus on.

E-Flyers: We e-mail e-flyers strategically to our contact lists as well as brokers that work in the area to encourage bringing their buyers. We find when you email someone a listing directly with a nicely presented flyer, you’re more likely to get the best results rather than conventional flyers.

Virtual Tours: We offer virtual tours so the Buyers can walk through and visit the units without being there. Also gives a 3D model of the unit and it’s layout. Very useful for international buyers that are browsing and are not in Montreal. As well it really captures the elements of the unit that the pictures simply can’t

Visits with other brokers: Since we know the market, the buildings and the area, we feel being present at every visit of one of our listings is an important part of selling any property, even if the buyer is accompanied by their own broker. This is because we believe that we can do a better job at presenting the property and the area than by not being there at all. Very important to be there to answer questions that their broker may not know and highlight the things that make your property attractive and may be overlooked.